The future of education is smart.

Edgecoin is the world´s first education and e-learning token built on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Beyond that it is addressing the multi-billion education industry with its unique B2B approach.

Blockchain as a Service for the education sector!

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Transactions: 663 | Tokens sold: 10.350.647 EST | Softcap: 103.50 % | Hardcap: 20.70 %
Last update: Apr 6th 2018

What is the future of education?

"Imagine the future of education 10 years from now on. The entire academic and professional career of every student and later employee is recorded on the blockchain in and by smart contracts.

These smart contracts contain all of your skills, qualifications, certificates and also job records. Just one klick on your unique smart contract public address authorized by you can provide proof of your skill set for inquiring parties such as public authorities, institutions, employers and so on. No more notarized documents, translations or huge PDFs with all of your data."
Kambiz Djafari - CEO & Co-Founder Edgecoin
edgecoin future education blockchain

Smart, decentralized and valid education built on blockchain. For you!

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Our vision for educational stakeholders

Educational stakeholders and at the same time Edgecoin target customers are: Classic educational institutions, e-learning providers/platforms and independent educational/e-learning advisors and corporate e-learning decision-makers.
Edgecoin wants them all to understand its state-of-the-art educational business approach and how they can benefit from its cost-lowering, time-saving and fraud-protected smart solutions. We build the technology that will revolutionize the education industry as a whole. The vision is the groundbreaking disruption of the dusty and outdated education system and its certification and approval process.

Initial products and use cases

  • Set up smart contracts with our public DApp. Simple interface that can replace complicated agreement processes via smart contracts and digital signatures.
  • Issuance of educational documents on the Blockchain. Validation and re-validation of new and existing documents with integrated optical recognition software.
  • Users pay with Edgecoins on e-learning platforms for courses and other content they have passed or consumed. Edgecoin integrated payment DApp.
  • Users obtain valid, encrypted and unique certificates via Edgecoin smart contracts in just one process.
  • Students can see and manage their academic development or the whole career in their Edgecoin based smart contract (online and/or stored on a secure device) that was provided by their university at the beginning of their studies.
  • Institutions can get rid of their heavy documented certification process by having it all digitalized, organized, governed and issued by fully integrated Edgecoin technology.

It's all that in one token. Because there are no limitations when it comes to tokens built on blockchain technology. Initially Edgecoin was designed as an alternative payment method or altcoin for e-learning platforms such as coursera.com or raiseyouredge.com. But the versatility of blockchain can push it beyond the usage as a currency only.
Given this perspective you can buy and sell Edgecoin (EST) as an asset class within your financial portfolio to diversify it even more. Just imagine having an asset class which is barely regulated but by the original market forces "Supply and Demand". This means more volatility compared to ETFs, Equities or the general stock market in itself but a higher volatility can result in much bigger winnings as the past months and years of cryptocurrencies demonstrated.
Furthermore Edge aims to bring more independence, transparence and decenteralization to e-learning itself. While e-learning becomes more and more popular, the certification remains an issue as there is no guideline that is accepted by all companies, countries and institutions. Finishing a course on a platform currently gives you a certificate for said topic, but does not provide any value outside the website. Missing translations, varying topics and many other issues play a huge factor in this.

Check out our Whitepaper here


Edgecoin - The future education is smart. Sounds fantastic? Send us an e-mail and request more informations or schedule a call with our team.
You can also download or check out via direct link.


Maximize your cryptocurrency portfolio profits by smart and market driven cross-trading of different cryptocurrencies with higher multiples than the established top 20 currencies.

What is crypto trading and can I trade Edgecoin?

Yes, you can! If you are a more advanced cryptocurrency enthusiast you may have noticed that there are different established currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and so on. These big cryptocurrencies already skyrocketed in the past months and years and therefore they're not affordable for beginners. The high prices force you to put more money in your invests which increases the risk of losing it all once more. But there are other and better options in the booming market: Investing in fast growing cryptos such as Edgecoin can be a smart strategic move. You buy bigger numbers of Edge at low price and leave them for some months. This way you get ahead of the market so you can just enjoy the bullish times while other buyers have to pay more and more for the same coin. If you still believe in the big players, you can always transfer your Edge coins into Bitcoins and other currencies. This way you can save money by letting Edge do the fund raiser job for you.

Planetary Roadmap

Mercury Phase

Mercury I - Q4/2017

Pre-ICO and building an international team while widening our network.

Mercury III - Q1/2018

Building BaaS partnerships with educational institution, schools and universities all around the globe. Northstar College, Audiobrain already signed MoUs.

Mercury II - Q1/2018

ICO and acceptance of (EST) after migration EDUX on exchanges. Product development based on use cases. BaaS demos and MVPs.

Venus Phase

Venus I - Q1/2018

Brining Edgecoin BaaS to a wider audience outside of the Blockchain community by strengthening our partnerships. Go-live free public service built on smart contracts.

Venus III - Q3/2018

Expanding Edgecoin and its eduction technologies to more ecosystems and smart governance solutions besides Ethereum.

Venus II - Q2/2018

We will see the first use cases in real life. Edgecoin BaaS real MVPs at schools and universities. First client demos.

Mars Phase

Mars I - Q4/2018

Building up team & infrastructure to meet customer request. Edgecoin on hardware devices such as yubikeys.

Mars III - Q2/2019

Making the world a smarter place. Fostering education for those without access to it. Following our mission: Making education a Human Right!

Mars II - Q1/2019

Increasing market shares by fostering product and business development and staying ahead of competition.

Edge coins can be bought, sold and traded on numerous crypto currency exchanges. Find the one that's right for you and get your Edge coins within a matter of minutes. On exchanges Edge coin can be recognized by the symbol EDGE. Legal note: Edgecoin.io and all of its legal entities are not affiliated to any of those exchanges which support or index Edge. Furthermore Edgecoin.io can not be held accountable or responsible for any security measures and business matters of supporting exchanges. We recommend that all businesses implement compliance with CCSS and KYC/AML regulations suitable for their country.

The Team behind Edgecoin

team member kambiz djafari edgecoin founder

Kambiz Djafari

Position: CEO & Co-Founder

Bio: Early stages Investor in blockchain. Bitcoin & Altcoin technical analysis. Long time professional advisor for cryptocurrencies. +10 years Online Marketing and Social Media Expert.

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team member aleksej melman

Aleksej Melman

Position: Architect & Lead Engineer

Bio: Ethereum blockchain expert and ICO campaign developer. More than 10 years experience in full stack web, Oracle and Java development. Technical visionary behind Edge Smart Solutions.

team member eduard melman

Eduard Melman

Position: Lead Project Manager

Bio: IBM certified FINREP, COREP analyst and expert. Specialties: Advanced PM,  and business intelligence (BI). Knowledge of data warehousing principles, analysis and monitoring of ETL processes.

team member igor katin

Igor Katin

Position: Senior Software Developer

Bio: PhD degree in Informatics Engineering. Assistant professor at the Vilnius University in Computer Science, IT expert with deep knowledge in software architecture and data structures, data mining, big data. +10 years experience in software development.

team member joana katina

Joana Katina

Position: Senior Frontend Developer

Bio: PhD degree in Informatics Engineering. Assistant professor at the Vilnius University in Computer Science. Expert in data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, web development. +10 years experience in databases, frontend development and graphic design.

team member alex weis

Alexander Weis

Position: Operations & Core Developer

Bio: Frontend-developer and graphic designer. He finished at the top of his class in many studies at Germany's MIT the TU Darmstadt, Germany and has years of experience with the blockchain.

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team member sonja specht

Sonja Specht

Position: Manager Sales & Communications

Bio: Sales and Management specialist within the sustainable products industry. Business grower and inventor of real life product hacks (jacket-bar.com). Very well skilled in terms of customer service and communication.

team member bogdan maslesa

Bogdan Maslesa

Position: Director Business Development & Country Head Cyprus

Bio: Founder of Universal Crypto. Pioneer of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Specialist in Blockchain analysis, host of many crypto currencies events all around the globe and humanitarian with the positive mindset to make the world a better place.

team member florian oesterle

Florian Österle

Position: Community Manager

Bio: Computer Scientist / Team Lead - Service center with 10+ years of experience in customer support.Former professional gamer with high expertise in e-sports, nutrition and performance.

team member shehab ahmed

Shehab Ahmed

Position: Director Business Development MENA region

Bio: CTO of HostSailor, MENA's leading webhosting providor. Writer/Editor at HuffPost, Engadget & others. Business Development strategist and founder of the Genesis Technologies, ICOBench expert, Forbes MENA innovator.

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Our World Class Advisors

team member dr oliver gilbert advisor

Dr. Oliver Gilbert

Position: Advisor & Education Specialist

Bio: Lecturer at the University of Luzern in Computer Science. IT expert with a long background in different CIO positions, Consulting Manager in Volkswagen Group, SAP. Education specialist, difference maker and blockchain enthusiast with excellent knowledge about IT architecture and applications.

team member dr andrey voronkov advisor

Dr. Andrey Voronkov

Position: Advisor & Academic Partnerships

Bio: Co-founder of SONM, advisor at LA Token and DEEX. PhD degree from Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry, devoted to high-throughput computing usage in development of education on blockchain, new medicines and machine learning methods. He also has publications in notable biomedical journals, devoted to biomedical computing and international patens in this field.

advisor kristina francis

Kristina Francis

Position: Advisor New Business and Strategic Partnerships

Bio: CEO and Founder of EsteemLogic a hybrid IT Consulting and Training firm. Nearly two decades experience using technology as an enabler of processes and business. Specialty areas include: business development, program management, business automation, team development and strategic partnerships.

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team member ian c rogers advisor

Ian C Rogers

Position: Advisor & Education Pioneer

Bio: COO & Co-Founder of Ednastics, Executive Director at Northstar College. Humanitarian and educational entrepreneur with more than a decade experience as an e-learning consultant, program manager and classroom instructor in Canada, China, the UAE, Chile and Iraq.

team member walter tonetto advisor

Dr. Walter Tonetto

Position: Strategic advisor ASEAN region

Bio: Technopreneur and ASEAN expert. Visiting Professor for the Universities of Tokyo & Waseda. Co-Founder of Indoblockchain.id - Indonesia’s first Blockchain Academy. Network of Captains of Industry in Indonesia and SE Asia. President SE Asia of FinTeix Pte. Singapore. Chief Strategist for Indigen. Advisor to the CCEG, The University of Northampton. Co-Founder of SnapFood.

team member  max gerdon

Max Gerdon

Position: Former CMO now Co-Founder/Advisor

Bio: Ethereum expert, blockchain investor & Online Marketing expert with over 8 years experience in Social Media, Affiliate Networking and Content Marketing and Creation.

team member joakim holmer

Joakim Holmer

Position: Trusted Advisor

Bio: When Joakim completed the impossible delivery of a 500 team member strong project to AT&T, he gave a T-shirt to everyone that read: “Everything is Possible”. This is Joakim. Two decades with Ericsson Group (NASDAQ: ERIC) in technical leadership positions in 8 countries. Mobile App start-ups, RedHat, SAP and Cisco. Kitesurfer. allcoinWiki co-founder.

team member anders larsson advisor

Anders Larsson

Position: Trusted Advisor

Bio: Anders has worked for two decades in 10 countries with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), creating the ecosystems of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT with 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions today. Anders is committed to taking Crypto to the same scale as telecom. allcoinWiki co-founder, voted Top 5
Blockchain Advisor worldwide, Anders holds his own patents and loves to code.

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team member dummie

We are hiring

Send your CV/Bio + LinkedIn Profile or a proven track record to sayhi@edgecoin.io. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Disrupting the old and dusty world of education is not an easy task and our great vision can not be done over night. We appriciate every support and will give our best to achieve our envisioned goals.

Where can I buy and sell Edgecoin?

There are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges. For the beginning we decided to get listed on well known decentralized exchanges (DEX).
More listings will follow soon. On the following exchanges you can buy and sell Edgecoin (EDUX).


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HitBTC is the most advanced Bitcoin exchange and ist built on the best technology and lets you trade effortlessly any currency pair on HitBTC.


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C-Cex.com Bitcoin and altcoin exchange. fast, secure, innovative and trader focused. And with lots of currency pairs that can be traded easily.


cryptopia.com logo grayscale

Cryptopia your one stop crypto shop! The Cryptopia exchange is a quick easy way to convert your crypto and exchange on the marketplace.

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etherdelta logo grayscale

EtherDelta is a decentralized trading platform that lets you trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users. You are responsible for your own account, funds, and private keys.

Trade Edgecoin on EtherDelta


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ForkDelta is a decentralized trading platform that lets you trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users. You are responsible for your own account, funds, and private keys.

Trade Edgecoin on ForkDelta


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Tokenjar is a robust decentralized exchange for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Based on 0xprotocol, TokenJar dedicated to provide superior trading experience for users all over the world.

Trade Edgecoin on Tokenjar

Are there safe Edgecoin desktop and web wallets?

Since Edge is a so called ERC20 token built on Ethereum you can easily use all ETH compatible Wallets to store, send and receive your Edgecoin tokens. As you can see below we put some of them together here so you do not have to go to gitHub for downloading them. Just klick the links for convenient download.

Mist Win32-Bit

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Mist Win64-Bit

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Mist Linux 32-Bit

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Mist Linux 64-Bit

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