Frequently Asked Questions

We keep it simple, but since BaaS is a whole new approach within the education sector, there are questions that need to be answered. We have collected some of the FAQs from our advisors, partners, and supporters, we have answered them, and now we share them with you to help you better understand Edgecoin.

What does BaaS stand for?

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What's behind Edgecoin Smart Solutions?

Who should use Edgecoin?

How do we make the payments? Per packs or pay as you go?

After the set-up price, is there any fixed amount when you renew the license or just pay for usage?

Why should you use Edgecoin?

What happens if your company closes or the platform crashes?

What if we want to work with another company to create smart certificates?

Will we lose all the information of our students we have certified?

Is there any permanence with the contract?

Where will all this data remain after?