Edgecoin ICO is live now!

Join us in shaping the future of education by making it transparent and decentralized.

Since the Edgecoin (EST) is an ERC20 Token your funds will be displayed in your ETH wallets. See a collection of established ETH wallets at the bottom of this site.

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Details of Edgecoin ICO!

The creators of Edgecoin believe that digital tokens are more than cryptocurrencies or assets for financial speculation. The aim of all crowdsale rounds is collecting enough funds in order to shape the future education built on blockchain.

Join us by supporting our vision!

Please send a minimum of 0.1 ETH to the EST smart contract address. Do not send from Coinbase or any other Exchange. This will lead to the permanent loss of your ETH.
Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully in order to avoid failure of any kind.

Make sure you set the gas limit to 200.000.

Edgecoin (EST) contract address: 0x25992f65334b5d23096b912af089ac454c3aabb6

  • Start: January 6th at 8PM UTC
    End: April 6th at 8PM UTC
  • Project Protocol:
    Ethereum, ERC20
  • Accepted Crypto:
    Only ETH
  • ICO minimum invest:
    0.1 ETH
  • Token Total Supply:
    100.000.000 EST
  • Crowdsale Total Supply
    50.000.000 EST
  • 1ETH = 5.000 EST (Edgecoin)
  • Token name:
edgecoin presale toke supply
edgecoin presale use of revenue

*Note: The Pre ICO has a hard cap of 1000 ETH and therefore 10.000.000 EST. By joining our first (Pre ICO Sale) of two rounds of token distributions you will receive a 100% bonus of tokens. Please be advised that investments in such early stage come with huge risks as you will not get paid back in case the hidden soft cap does not get reached. Please make sure that you are sending your ETH from a Wallet. ETH sent from exchanges will be lost and can not be restored. Please read our Pre ICO Sale agreement carefully and act compliant to our terms and conditions in order to avoid any loss or inconvenience.


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How can I send Ethereum and join the Pre ICO Sale?

Step 1

Buy Ethereum on an established cryptocurrency exchange like Bittrex or Coinbase. Obviously you don't have to buy ETH if you already possess Ethereum.
Minimum Ethereum amount must be 1 ETH!

Step 2

Transfer your Ethereum to a compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet, Mask or Mist. Please make sure that you are sending your Ethereum from one of the mentioned wallets. We recommend Myetherwallet because you will see your EST right away.

Step 3

Send a deposit of Ethereum to the contract address we provide in the Pre ICO Sale section above. Do not send deposit from any exchange address. This will lead to total loss of your deposit.
Set gas to 200.000.

Step 3

With Column Wrap 1 selected, click the icon shown above in the Layout > Flex Layout styles panel.

Click here for pictured tutorial!
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Are there safe Edgecoin desktop and web wallets?

Since Edge is a so called ERC20 token built on Ethereum you can easily use all ETH compatible Wallets to store, send and receive your Edgecoin tokens. As you can see below we put some of them together here so you do not have to go to gitHub for downloading them. Just klick the links for convenient download.

Mist Win32-Bit

windows 10 logo 32-bit


Mist Win64-Bit

windows 10 logo 64-bit


Mist Linux 32-Bit

linux logo 32-bit


Mist Linux 64-Bit

linux logo 64-bit



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