Here we present some of our free public Services.

Simple  token transactions

Simple Airdrop Interface. Ethereum ERC-20 token transaction. Use our free transaction interface to send ERC-20 compatible tokens directly out of your smart contract to anyone. If you need to airdrop tokens to your family and friends without knowing a single line of Solidity code or how to use the Re-max browser. Or you have free tokens in a MultiSig. address and cannot get them out. Here is the solution to your problems.

Use Public Transfer

Smart contracts in action

With bringing agreements to smart contracts, we want to show the public the simplicity of our state of the art Edgecoin technology.
Instead of using paper contracts now you can buy and sell used or new things by using Edgecoin free smart agreement and documents signing interface in order to set up and sign contract and agreements via encrypted and secure smart contracts.

Use Smart Docu Sign